Inspired by the Industrial Revolution, where the fusion of tradition, cultures and innovation established the hallmarks of the suave, modern gentleman.

Shaving tools may have been known and used by mankind for millennia, and the first modern straight razor as we would recognise it, saw the light of day in 1680, Sheffield England. But it was the inventor Benjamin Huntsman who made a breakthrough for sharper and more durable razors in the 1740s with a new method for casting steel, that spurred the explosion of the barber profession.

Benjamin Huntsman (1704 – 1776)

Even so, the positives far outweighed the negatives, as the precision and final finishleft all alternatives far behind. If you had the means you would simply let a profession-al handle your daily routine, thus laying the foundation for both a superior shave andthe boom of the modern barbershop. From Sheffield the know-how quickly spread tocountries like France, Germany and Sweden, each with their unique take on the straightrazor.

He invented extra hard steel for edge tools, sometimes referred to as “Sheffield SilverSteel”. It had an unsurpassed finish and could maintain a thin, sharp edge, and it is stillin use by some manufacturers today. The razors still demanded both skill and practice,but they also required maintenance. If stored wrong, its brittle and delicate edge wasprone to oxidize, it required repeatedly stropping before use and periodic sharpeningby a trained professional. The blade could, if sharpened at slightly the wrong angle, berendered useless.

We have for almost two decades been honoring Benjamin Huntsman’s life, deed, andlegacy as he perfectly personifies our values; Entrepreneurship and innovation, set ata time where old-world etiquette and tradition met industrial efficiency, curiosity, andmeritocracy, at a place where exciting ingredients, new influences, and cultures gatheredfrom all corners of the world.


We safeguard timeless
grooming traditions
of future generations.


The scent of saffron and leather together with sandalwood fills the bathroom with a fantastic scent. The scent gives a luxurious feeling and lasts for a long time both on the body and in the hair.



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